Where to Find Investors for your Business

One of the options available for startups who need capital to scale up their business is meeting with investors (people or entity who gives out capital to make a profit).

In most cases, the investors will be stakeholders of the business. But where can you find these investors?

Check them out below;

Family or Friends

You shouldn’t hesitate to discuss your business needs with your family and friend as they might be interested in your business if they foresee a good financial return.

Being an investor means they would be a part of your company and share the business risks with you.

Businesses or Schools in your Field

You should reach out to these bodies because they are already knowledgeable about your business, so there is a high possibility that they can connect you with investors.

Private Investors

Many private investors are interested in investing in companies to earn value for their investments. Among them are two popular ones; Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.

Social Media

Social Media is a great platform to connect with investors and business owners. With it, you can build your online business presence to attract investors.

Let your posts show that you are open to collaboration. You can also send direct messages to well-fitting investors. Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter are some great social media to try.

Attend Events

Another way to get noticed by the right investors is by attending events.

Meanwhile, you should know the people attending the events ahead of time to know if it’s worth it. Some recommended events include; WebSummit, Money2020, Techcrunch Disrupt, and Collision.


Finding the right investors for your business requires reaching out and making yourself available everywhere. Therefore, give it all it takes.