Finding the Best Credit Cards for You

Credit Cards are a kind of short-term loan from the card issuer to withdraw or purchase items.

Meanwhile, you don’t need a ranking for the best credit cards; you only need the credit card that is best for you.

Therefore, choosing a credit card depends on your needs and concerning this, below are some types of credit cards and what they are best for;

1.    Reward Credit Cards

These cards reward you based on your spending percentage. It is great for people who spend regularly and are sure to pay off their cards right away.

2.    Cash Back Credit Cards

These cards are similar to Reward Credit Cards, but the difference is that Cash Back Credit Cards rewards in cash while the latter rewards in cash, points, merchandise, gift cards, and others.

3.    Balance Transfer Credit Cards

It is the most suitable card to pay off debts.

4.    Travel Credit Cards

The rewards you get from these cards are often geared towards traveling. It is the right credit card for frequent travelers.

5.    Student Credit Cards

These cards are great for starters and people with limited credit history.

6.    Secured Credit Cards

Secured Credit cards are the most expensive and easiest to obtain, but you must have collateral.

Tip to Know the Best Credit Cards for You

There are other types of cards not listed above, but below are the general tips for choosing the best credit card for you;

  • Know your credit score because it is an eligibility criterion for credit card collection.
  • Write down your goals with the card so that you can choose the right type.
  • You need Balance Transfer Credit Card if you owe a lot of people.
  • Compare the Card Rewards
  • Watch out for fees and other carrying costs.


Finding the best credit cards depends on your goal with the card. Therefore, there is no best credit card for everybody.