Victory Effects of Forgiveness The Power of Forgiving

Forgiving means letting go of a grudge or ill feelings towards oneself or others. We know from experience that compassion may not be easy since the people who hurt us usually leave a print of scars in our hearts and minds. However, it is good to forgive since it impacts your well-being. There are steps to forgiveness that you will find worthwhile to consider if you struggle to forgive a wrong.

Forgiveness in itself will release the pangs of stress and pain that drag you down, and by this act alone, you gain control over your emotions. There are several ways forgiveness may enrich your life, as it boosts your power in the following ways;

You Gain Freedom

According to the psychology of forgiveness journal, there are various types and stages of forgiving a wrong done to you by other people. The overall effect of being hurt is that you feel alone. Surprisingly, you may find freedom even in your state of loneliness, as you will come to know that God is always by your side. In this case, pain loses its power over you, and you gain the freedom that comes by letting go.

Your Relationship-Bonds Improve

To forgive someone will highly impact the relationship between you and them. If someone hurts you, shyness tends to be the outlook when communicating with you. However, you may build someone’s confidence by showing that mistakes do not impact your friendship. This gesture will help generate trust, hence an improvement in overall bonds.

You Gain Health through Healing  

Study shows that forgiveness has a direct link to health and individual welfare. When you forgive, you release the negative energies surrounding your aura, and you gain ground in the process. It would help if you did not ignore the connection between health and forgiveness since individuals will gain power over their health when they adhere to this rule.


Forgiving is victorious, just as God forgave the man and made him victorious over sin and death. To gain this power, you will have to maintain a positive attitude and realize that we all make mistakes. This acknowledgment is the first step to healthy living, and with this state of mind, you gain power over your enemies.