. Power Of Prayer Hidden Benefits

Powerful Prayer

You can combat the plans of the enemy to destroy your destiny through prayer. God’s power in our lives may either reach us or linger away from us, depending on our actions and decisions. You will access supernatural authority and strength through genuine love and devotion to God. We need to go away from the mediocre routine of praying without in a shallow way and realize our authority in spirit.

Prayer is the weapon against spiritual warfare. All forms of spiritual attacks can be condemned and made powerless through prayer;  below are some of the benefits of prayer, and Christians will find motivation in their prayer life once they understand them. These benefits include.

Changing Our Focus Towards Meaningful Things

We may quickly lose focus and concern ourselves with the vanities of life if we are not careful. The word of the Lord proclaims that the gospel of Christ came to set us free. Therefore, we should not be enslaved by worldly things. Prayer helps keep our focus straight so that we may seek the first God’s kingdom, and He shall add unto us any other good thing.

Keeps Us Close to the Father

Prayer is an instrument of communication between God and Man. When we maintain this communication, we build a good relationship with our Father in heaven, and he opens ways to bless us. This union will further guarantee our security and protection from evil forces. This truth comes into action when we are close to God, and he, therefore, hides us under His protective wings of mercy, grace, and love.

Prayer Cultivates Change

Were you feeling stuck and lost? Then take a few minutes and say a word of prayer from the bottom of your heart. The word of the Lord says that Elijah prayed more earnestly that it should not rain, and because he was righteous before the eyes of the Lord, it did not rain. He went ahead to pray for the rain when three and a half years were over, and rain fell on the earth. This aspect of change is also possible in our daily lives because faith can move mountains when you put everything in prayer.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, it is of utmost importance that Christians cultivate the habit of praying more often. Prayer helps eradicate all the schemes of the enemy, and this is possible through the power of Jesus Christ. God cannot forsake his children, but He gave us free will that we may choose to communicate with Him through prayer.