The Art Of Confrontation

Steps To Confronting a Loved One in a Healthy Way

Confrontation means addressing an issue with someone through word of mouth. Most people would assume that confronting someone will entail using a loud voice and harsh words like a quarrel. However, this may not necessarily be the case according to the healthy art of confrontation, which follows various steps as listed below;

Using a positive statement to begin a conversation

 If the person involved is a loved one, and you want to speak your mind about a bagging issue, begin with positive affirmations that function as a filter to let them know that there is nothing personal. You could start by stating that you appreciate their efforts and everything that they are doing, but you have a slight problem with a thing or two concerning their actions or behavior.

State your feelings rather than accusing the next person

It is much more appropriate to control your tongue whenever you feel threatened by a particular circumstance. One measure of maturity explains how you think about a specific scenario or event. If a person made a mistake that hurt you, it is essential to let them know you feel rather than lashing out at them. This step may help preserve peace since the next person may unintentionally hurt you.

Allow flexibility

When it comes to an argument, you may find out that you are wrong in the first place. Patience is crucial whenever a matter is on discussion, and when you feel you are not getting the idea, then tell the next person to explain their point of view. By this, you may resolve the issue once you understand the root cause of the problem.

Choose diplomatic words

If you are on the other side of the argument, consider using words that will make it seem like you are playing on the same side as your counterpart. An affirmation that you are not quarreling with them is sufficient for this step.

Be Specific

Being specific helps minimize quarrels since you go straight to the point. If a confrontation is driven straight to its core root, then you may resolve the issue much faster and peacefully than if you linger away from the point.

Take Away

For a healthy confrontation, we need to set our egos aside and head out to make peace with our loved ones. Confrontation doesn’t involve a fight or battle, but both parties can conduct it peacefully and productively. In case of a dispute, you may use these steps to resolve the issues like a civilized individual.