Positive impacts of social media: I just found my twin on Facebook.

Scroll, like, swipe and text, this had become one of the popular ways people spend time. You lie on a couch after a long day, scrolling through the different sites, getting entertained, purchasing new goods, and learning new skills. Social media has made our lives very easy. 

People do not worry about staying connected to their loved ones irrespective of where they are in the world. This is because you can easily send photos of the brunch you went out to and catch up every evening over a video call and how your day has been. We are connected to our friends scattered all over the world, and when you feel you miss them, all you do is pick your phone and make the call.

We have businesses that are running on social media sites and are thriving. It has saved them costs such as rent and electricity bills which come with operating physical shops.  Social media has also proved to be a platform where people learn new skills. People are constantly uploading videos teaching people different skills. One can enhance their skill set through online classes. Earlier, you had to enroll in a physical school to learn.

In summary, social media has provided a whole new platform where people can showcase their different skills and talents and earn from it. It has given young people a voice, expressing themselves through videos and posts. Some people have met their partners on social media and are living happily. Everything around us feels so much easier, knowing any information you need is at your fingertips. All you need to do is google or confirm from a professional on your mobile phone or laptop. The sites are growing rapidly, and we all look forward to seeing the next big invention or advancement.


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