Variety of Book Summaries on Instaread

Do you want to read a particular book, either fiction or non-fiction? Do you intend to branch out and enjoy a new genre? If so, Instaread offers a variety of book summaries, allowing you to get a sneak peek into the book type or genre you want. Here are the top categories of book summaries available on Instaread.

1. Self-help book summaries: Self-help books intended to help you improve some part of your life. They cover common topics such as finance, relationships, mental health, and more.

2. Business and economics book summaries. These book summaries cover a broad range of topics, including business organization, expansion, management, and strategy.

3. History, political and social science book summaries. History books lay out a specific moment in time, aiming to educate and inform readers. Social science books usually cover topics such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, cultural issues, and political science.

4. Health & fitness book summaries. From jogging and intense workouts to nutrition and meditation, learn the science behind getting fit and staying healthy. You will find popular book summaries such as Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma and David Perlmutter’s Drop Acid.

5. Fiction book summaries. These books contain stories created from authors’ imaginations. Instaread features some of the best-selling science fiction, romance, mysteries, fantasy, and crime thrillers. So, you can find summaries to help you choose your preferred genre.

6. Science book summaries. Fuel your curiosity with some of the deepest science topics covered by most gifted minds like Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, and more. The available summaries will help you find some of the common and advanced science books.

7. Religious book summaries. Instaread provides a long list of religious book summaries covering various types of religion. You will find the best religious literature in our collection.

8. Arts and entertainment book summaries. Well, Instaread has got you covered on the must-read summaries giving a sneak peek into different, and entertainment topics such as Elton John’s Love is the Cure and Mo Rocca’s Mobituaries.

9. Sports and recreation book summaries. Meant for teachers, sports participants, and other people, these book summaries provide a sneak peek into the fundamental information about different sports and recreational activities.


When it comes to providing book summary options, Instaread doesn’t discriminate. From essential self-help and business-related book summaries to advanced science and summaries covering religious topics, you can find a lengthy list of book summaries you will enjoy reading. Besides, you can easily use the search feature to find the specific title you want or just browse the book summaries under a specific category.