How to Create Content on Buzzfeed

So, you’ve signed up for the BuzzFeed Community, but you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to writing your article. Do not fret! Read on to find out exactly how to create content on Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed policies.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures before making your first post. Tsiveriotis (2017).stated that remember that Buzzfeed has a strict “no haters” policy, so we could delete your account or post if you’re there to troll or bully others. You’re invited to consult the User Agreement for more information at any moment.

As a side note, BuzzFeed’s Community Brand Publisher accounts and posts are no longer supported, including political, self-promotional posts or about brands or organizations you’re involved with in any way. The editors at BuzzFeed may change your article or quiz if it is selected to be featured on the BuzzFeed network. Please be aware! Edits to copy, grammatical errors and thumbnail or post photos are included in this service.

A guide to creating content on Buzzfeed.

The first step is to go to and select the “Create New Post” option. It’ll take you to a new page where you can see your draft in our CMS, our “Content Management System.”

Pay attention to the box in the upper right-hand corner of your draft if you’re building a Bastos  (2016).said that BuzzFeed-like list. To have your post numbered, select the “countdown” or “numbered” choices, and the post will be numbered for you automatically. Choosing a “simple list” will prevent your list from being numbered.

Next, write the title and the description of your article. Make your post’s caption engaging and snappy so that people will want to read it.

A “subbuzz.” This is where you’ll enter all of your post’s content, including graphics and text, and where you’ll also find our Quiz Maker. Subbuzzes are the finishing touches to your content after you’ve written a catchy headline and witty description. It is also possible to make your text more visually appealing by using bold, italics, and links.

A thumbnail is required before you can publish a post in the CMS. You can do it on the right-hand side of the CMS. A minimum of 625×415 pixels is needed for your thumbnail! Once you’re satisfied with your thumbnail, crop it and save it! Check out the drop-down box if your post is relevant to one of the topics listed there. That way, if our editors seek entries about friendship, yours will be visible to them. Using our Unsplash Photo Uploader, you can quickly and easily upload high-resolution photos for use in personality tests.

You can use GIFs in your posts as well. The universe revolves around GIFs. It’s a terrific idea to illustrate your points with GIFs. Giphy is a great place to look for some.

A Community Editor will see your post when you press “publish now” in the upper right corner. The BuzzFeed homepage considers all posts that are published and meet our requirements.


BuzzFeed is sometimes referred to as “lazy journalism” for its slick listicles, “viral” news stories, and “clickbait” pop culture posts. After researching what your audience is interested in, apply the content ideas above to develop material that is shareable, clickable, and worthy of becoming viral. Join Buzzfeed today!


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