As a business or brand that wishes to grow your online presence through social media, posting random items or blogs simply because they are related to your business won’t help you any longer.

You have to be intentional about the things you post, defining clearly who your target audience is, where they can be found, what you want to share with them, and the goals you wish to achieve or the results you wish to acquire from them.

To become a successful brand on social media, you need to have an effective social media strategy before embarking on your social media journey.

A social media strategy is a statement or an outline of the digital marketing goals you wish to achieve with your company through social media, how you wish to achieve them, and the metric through which you wish to track the progress along the line.

 An effective social media strategy must contain;

●               A Well defined goal: A social media strategy is not effective if it does not have a goal that is clearly defined. This should entail what exactly you want to achieve for your social media. An example of a clearly defined goal is “1000 leads in a month.” 

●               A broad strategy: After setting up your goals, it is also important to have a strategy. A strategy contains the plan through which you wish to achieve your goals.

●               Objectives: To have a good social media strategy experience, you must follow the SMART objectives. According to SMART, your strategy must be





T-Time specific

● Tactics: This entails actions to achieve the objectives listed above.

 5 Importance Of Having An Effective Social Media Strategy

With all being said, the importance of having a social media strategy can be overemphasized. In this article, 5 of the very useful advantages of having a social media strategy will be briefly discussed.

1. Reaching your goals with a small budget:

A strategy lets you plan the best and most cost-effective ways to reach your social media goals. With tools like SEO, content marketing, etc., one can effectively plan a long-term strategy and generate organic leads without spending a single dollar on Facebook or other ads.

2. Gives you an edge over your competitors: 

Developing an effective social media strategy keeps you abreast of what your competitors are doing. It also details their strengths and weaknesses to improve your business where your competitors are falling short.

3. Increases the company’s Overall ROI:

A good strategy helps you measure the demand for your product or service. With this knowledge, you can know what areas you need to improve in your services.

 4. Track the success of your strategy:

When a strategy is very effective, it can measure its success. This is very important as many businesses online are trying hard to be on the top.

Suppose you are not well informed about your success of your own. Strategies, you may just be left far behind in the constantly changing trend. In your strategy, you need to keep checking the performance of your content or posts daily to know what works best. This prevents you from sticking with a failed plan.

5. Build A Credible Reputation:

A business without a credible reputation is not what customers look for nowadays. Your strategy allows you to plan an effective way to boost your brand reputation.

Technically, being active on your social media platforms and attending to customers’ needs and queries makes you valid. Other prospects will want the attention you give your customers.