Diabetes and Diabetes Management Solutions ~ Part 3

How Outcomes chronic illness management solution helps lower the cost of diabetes management

As mentioned before, the goal of an excellent diabetes management program from the payer is to lower care costs and morbidity. Outcomes condition management program provides payers with an avenue to connect with their patients in regard to diabetes and other chronic health conditions. 

With Outcomes, pharmacists can address numerous education and drug therapy problems. As such, the Outcomes Chronic Illness Management Solution benefits pharma and payers in the following ways.

1. Addressing mental health comorbidities

Often, diabetes will coincide exacerbate or coincide with mental health issues. This solution helps you offer your members support for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression as part of your diabetes management strategy. 

According to the CDC, patients living with diabetes can sometimes be 2 to 3 times more likely than those without to experience depression. Unfortunately, only about a quarter to a half of this population are diagnosed and treated for these mental health issues.

The cost of treating these mental health issues alongside diabetes can skyrocket, adversely affecting their finances, especially when paying out of pocket. With Outcomes, payers can incorporate mental health support modules into their diabetes strategy and lower their own costs and those of their members.

2. Incorporating wellness solutions

Besides behavioral (e.g., smoking) and mental health issues, pharma and payers can provide diabetes management support for various comorbidities. This is one of the best strategies to lower the risk. An example of such a solution is losing body weight.

3. Educating and engaging members

Through Outcomes, payers can ensure that members have continuous access to educational resources in their diabetes management solutions. This can take different forms, including engaging members through various channels, like email, text, and social media.

Payers and pharma can also partner with employers to help them with their members’ diabetes management strategies and maintain members in these programs. They can also make healthcare decisions with patients instead of for them. Outcomes provides an enabling environment for shared decision-making as an effective and empowering way for payers to keep their members engaged and help them achieve their goals.

Pharma and payers need to recognize the factors influencing how their members manage their diabetes. Outcomes understand that this is key to developing a solid diabetes management solution.

Recognizing the factors influencing how members manage their diabetes is key to creating a strong diabetes management program.

Key benefits of Outcomes diabetes management solution

Outcomes offers payers many solutions to provide patients with the best diabetes management. They include:

  • Touchpoints originating from a reputable provider rather than a plan. 
  • Payers can communicate with members through their pharmacy or pharmacist.
  • Individualized consultations can be implemented to determine and meet members’ needs.
  • Payers can benefit from readily available and in-depth knowledge of medications.

What other payers are looking for

Today, payers want to

  • Concentrate limited resources on participants who require assistance to improve medication use
  • Deliver the appropriate intervention to the appropriate member at the appropriate moment to achieve positive results.
  • Deliver a unified, consistently positive member experience across the entire demographic.

Not only does Outcomes provide a solution for this, but it also gives payers access to metrics for program activity, network involvement, and intervention success. Additionally, Outcomes and payers can collaborate on customized analysis of the total cost of care reduction, intermediate outcomes, etc.

Here’s a deep dive into what Outcomes offers payers to improve patient health while simultaneously reaching their organization’s goals.

1. Member engagement at any scale

You’ll be able to serve diverse populations, appeal to more members, and approach different goals while consistently maintaining service documentation and centralized reporting across solutions.

2. ConnectTM platform

Payers and pharma can activate the Clarity™ predictive modeling and Insight™ clinical engine to deliver the right services while remaining confident about their security on this platform.

3. Network management

You can leverage Outcomes’ existing relationships with renowned pharmacy organizations and allow them to manage payment processing, engagement strategies, training, support, and contracting on your behalf.

4. Quality rating performance

Outcomes make it possible to deliver mandated CRM programs, lower healthcare costs, impact Medicare Star Ratings, and manage HEDIS measures by improving adherence, resolving drug therapy issues, and optimizing regimens.

5. Expertise in the industry

When you work with Outcomes, you gain a reliable industry partner with deep knowledge from more than 20-year experience in successfully delivering MTM solutions and programs for Commercial Plans, Medicare, and Medicaid.

6. Positive patient experience

Outcomes allow you to reduce abrasion emanating from unnecessary communications and to meet your patients where they are by offering personalized healthcare interventions through their area pharmacist and delivering crucial healthcare information.

Why Outcomes?

Here are primary reasons why payers and pharma prefer Outcomes:

Regular touchpoints allow members to manage their health effectively, including access to MTM services from a familiar and trustworthy provider at one of their 60,000 contracted centers across the US and Puerto Rico.

Appropriate interventions for member-specific issues with diabetic medicine therapy to fill in the gaps, increase adherence and optimize the course of treatment for a personalized patient experience. Outcomes channel of clinical pharmacists provides their services to more members. As a payer, you can also leverage the Connect™ platform.

The bottom line

Payers can interact with their members or patients regarding a chronic illness like diabetes through the Outcomes condition management program. Pharmacy professionals can help with a wide range of issues related to drug therapy and disease state education.

With a focus on improving patient outcomes, Outcomes is perfectly positioned to help a broad range of healthcare stakeholders deliver quality diabetes management solutions, so consider looking into them today!