Folasayo Falola, Creative Wordsmith

Visual content assists with lead generation and customer retention. Visual content comes in images, photographs, graphs and drawings, photo collages, images with texts, screenshots, etc. Today we’ll focus on screenshots. 

Clear, detailed screenshots allow the personality and creativity of your brand to shine. It could either be informative, humorous, or inspiring. Ninety percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 

Most devices have an inbuilt capacity to take screenshots. 


power button + volume key 

Apple: Settings > Control center > start recording

Laptop (Windows 10&11): Print screen button (upper right side of the keyboard or next to the spacebar) 

Mac: Shift – Command

There are apps available for screenshots: 

  • ShareX.
  • Screenpresso.
  • Screenshot capture.
  • Windows Snipping Tool.
  • Screenshot app.
  • Snagit.
  • CloudApp.
  • Loom. 

Why you should tell Visual stories:

  1. The average adult attention span is somewhere between 2.8 to 8 seconds. To give visual instructions, you must first capture their attention. 
  2. It evokes emotions in your audience. 
  3. It brings about clarity in communication. 
  4. Visual instructions break barriers of culture, language, etc. 

Ways you should tell Visual stories using screenshots:

1)    Share experience:

Facebook, for example, uses screenshots to share user experiences on the app. Use screenshots in your ads, and allow your audience to share the experiences personally with you. However, be careful not to share sensitive information. 

2)    Give Instructions:

Give easy-to-follow instructions using screenshots. This can be useful both with your employees and your audience. 

3) Post-Testimonials:

Testimonials are evidence that your product work. Customer retention is higher when they see testimonials from other customers using your products. 

4) Set New Trends:

Set new trends in your industry using visual screenshots. Setting trends that can easily become viral on social media is important. This will spur your lead generation.

Documents and Emails: Insert screenshots into your documents and emails with staff. You can send emails using screenshots of documents with clickable links so that the full document will be revealed to them when they click on them. 

How you should tell Visual stories using screenshots :

  • Make sure your screenshots are very clear
  • Ensure to crop away unnecessary details from the screenshot. 
  • Do not give out sensitive company information. 

Turn screenshots into visual storytelling. 

Captivate your audience