5 exciting places to celebrate the holidays in California in 2022

California has a reputation for its golden hills, fields of gold, and all the gold in Hollywood. No wonder it was nicknamed the golden state! California is far from boring; it is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Its vast area is home to many amusement parks, exotic beaches, natural wonders, and vibrant cities.

Celebrating a holiday in California could hardly go wrong with its many fun options; there is no shortage of where to go; the only problem is deciding. This article will help you select some of the most intriguing locations to enjoy a memorable holiday.

5 best places to spend your holiday in California

  1. San Francisco: Looking for a place filled with magnificent scenery where you could chill and watch the beauty around you? San Francisco is just the right place to visit. San Francisco is easily one of North America’s most beautiful and picturesque places. It has several eye-popping sights, multi-cuisine restaurants, and not to mention a high-spirited nightlife.

Some key attractions in San Francisco that will tickle your fancy and leave you almost wanting to stay there forever are; Alcatraz island, museums in SFO, China’s Town, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Golden gate bridge.

  • San Diego: Also known as America’s finest city, San Diego is a fun-filled place with lots of sightseeing. Its Pacific Ocean makes it an excellent place for adventurers and sun seekers. You can take a boat tour, a jet ski outing, or a fish charter to get a clear view of the city from the water. One fantastic experience you will enjoy in San Diego is a whale-watching tour. Watching whales is one of the most captivating moments you can have for your holiday. 

Key attractions in San Diego are; Balboa park, San Diego zoo safari park, San Diego comic con, and heritage park. Spending your holiday in San Diego is a decision you cannot regret.

  • Los Angeles: Los Angeles is another beautiful place in California to spoil yourself for the holidays. You could enjoy a fantastic holiday experience at Universal Studios Hollywood with all your friends and family. An ice skating experience at the annual LA kings holiday ice is also a fun holiday event.

Some key attractions in Los Angeles that will leave you mesmerized are; Universal studios Hollywood, Griffith park, Disneyland resort, Petersen automotive museum, and Santa Monica

  • Yosemite: Spending your holiday in Yosemite will leave you in awe and wonder. With the city’s formidable landscapes, Yosemite national park extends to over 1200 square miles of sheer wonders with Towering waterfalls, millennia-old sequoia trees, and the most outstanding rock formations in the United States. It is indeed the perfect place for tourism and sightseeing. 

Some of Yosemite’s unmatchable key attractions are; Yosemite falls, half dome, glacier point, and Bridalveil Falls.

  • Napa Valley: Spending your holiday in Napa valley is far from cheap, especially if you go with many people, but it is worth it. Napa Valley has a beautiful and peaceful setting and timeless atmosphere, making it an excellent destination for settling in. They also have some of the best restaurants in California.

Some key attractions in Napa valley are; the Napa valley museum, safari west, the culinary institute of America, the Napa valley film festival, and several others. Napa Valley is remarkable for its unique geologic history and diversity of microclimates, weather, and geography.

California is home to many sweeping landscapes and a collection of cities that are quite as popular as the state. A vacation in these California cities will leave you with a good amount of dopamine.