Folasayo Falola, Creative Wordsmith

In the daily running of a business, data, knowledge, and information are generated daily. All these, if not properly documented, could lead to chaos. Your staff will always lag on work because the data to help them work effectively needs to be better organized. One dependable app you can trust with proper internal documentation is X google docs. 

Google docs have built-in intelligence that makes internal documentation fun. Every member of your team can edit the documents, give suggestions, and make comments. Now isn’t that more fun than any other form of documentation? 

How do you go about it:

  1. Sign up for free: 

Google Workspace provides many useful resources such as Google docs, word, PowerPoint, etc. Sign up for free on the website. 

  1. Create a Team:

You have the option of creating a small team, mid-size team, or large team. It depends on the size of your company. 

  1. Generate your domain:

If you already have an existing domain, register under the option of ‘An existing domain. ‘ Register under ‘A New domain’ if you don’t. 

  1. Create emails for team members:

Add all team members to the workspace. Create emails for team members. 

  1. Import Documents:

Import all business documents, data, and knowledge. This will make them editable to team members. 

  1. Grant Access to team members:

Grant access to individuals or groups to edit, view, or add comments. You get to decide whatever restrictions you want to place on documents or folders. 

  1. Have fun:

Work with team members from anywhere—track changes made to documents or folders. Your team gets to work both online and offline. On google docs, you can research topics, define words and insert citations. 

It’s time to grow

Take your internal documentation to the next level.