Our circadian rhythms are connected to the daily cycle of light and darkness. These diurnal cycles influence our response to all things.

“Kindness begins with me” -Anonymous. Demonstrating love, care, and kindness for some people is a constant.

There is an increasingly pervasive and complex problem of indifference, hurt, trauma, intolerance, harshness, and plain meanness.  All of us have been torn and bruised. So, “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” -Maya Angelou.

We are limited by our perceptions. With a greater understanding, show how to love someone in your community today. All it takes for someone to feel your presence with a bit of thoughtful attention.

Never too busy for kindness. You are invited to draw near with grace, mercy, and help in times of need.  

“If you see someone without a smile, give them yours” -Dolly Parton.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama.

ENJOY Kindness

Harry Styles – Treat People With Kindness (Official Video) – YouTube

In health,

Diana Rangaves