Folasayo Falola, Creative Wordsmith

As a business owner, If you want your company to grow, pay attention to your employees. This is one thing that’ll give you an edge over your competitors. A company is nothing without its employees. Here is a guide for improving team productivity.

A team is a group of people sharing a common goal. Team productivity is the ability of a team to optimize the strengths of individuals in the team.

  • Leadership:

It starts with you. Your attitude in the workplace will reflect on your employees. Give your team positive compliments. Take charge at the workplace. Fill the workplace with energy and confidence in your team and its capabilities.

  • Regular Training:

Team members should be adequately trained regularly. Adequate training involves ensuring each individual understands the company’s mission, vision, and purpose. Ensure you also have standard SOPs and teach team members how to use them in the daily running of your business.

  • Give Room for Ideas:

Team members must know that their ideas will be preserved. First, it gives your company room for growth. Suggestions will always be abundant. One idea could be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars for your company. Most importantly, it ensures your team members give their best.

  • Welfare:

The welfare and well-being of team members should not be neglected. Ensure you have health insurance in place for team members’ needs. It helps to have a counselor in place as well. You will have yourself to thank for it. Ultimately, the quality of work, not the quantity of time spent, matters.

  • Create Healthy Competition:

Healthy Competition encourages individuals to give their best. There should be a reward for good work and consequences for lagging. However, ensure it’s realistic so you don’t create an unnecessary rivalry.

  • Make Decisions Together:

Ensure all team members are on board in critical decision-making. This will increase your team’s productivity as everyone will be clear about the task on the ground. It will reduce the chances of errors and mishaps in your team.

  • Relaxing Environment:

A relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in your office space improves team productivity. Teamwork is more focused on productivity when everyone can think clearly.

  • Forgive:

Every time you forgive is the chance for a new start. Disagreements are bound to occur in human interaction. Forgive the little errs of team members. Learn to accept and accommodate everyone’s differences.

To improve team productivity. Embrace and accept all team member’s strengths and weaknesses.