Cashshuffle vs. Bitcoin Cash

By Jessica Sommerfield

Bitcoin Cash mixer Cashshuffle introduced to the world. Even within that short time, the platform has accrued several users and attention. Since the 27th of March, 8,625 Bitcoin Cash shuffled outputs have been recorded. In addition to that, there are close to 2,000 Cashshuffle operations that have been undertaken. The users of Bitcoin Cash now have mixed millions of dollars since the introduction of this new service.


The BCH Cashshuffle platform has gained traction every day. So far, about $2.6 million have been shuffled since the platform’s launch. The system has obtained much assistance from the Electron Cash wallet system. One of the developers of Bitcoin Cash also tweeted about the platform’s progress. He noted that 1,917 Cashshuffle transactions had been witnessed since the 27th of March. As of the 10th of April, the total sum of all the outputs stood at 20,766 Bitcoin Cash.


Many cryptocurrency shuffling services have been introduced to the market in the past couple of months. However, Cashshuffle operates entirely differently. With this shuffling protocol, the users have to trust the operator or even pay substantial costs to use the service. But there are other differences in this case. This platform is entirely different because it is very cheap than nearly all similar services. It is also important to note that Cashshuffle is an open source. As such, it does not pose any counterparty risk. This is because the individual participants and the server need access to knowledge of which input corresponds to a different output. Earlier, an experimental or alpha version was released as a plugin extension of Electron Cash – EC. At the moment, the protocol is now a standard feature in EC.

Any Bugs

In addition, code and security analysts from Kudelski reviewed the software to see if it should continue operating. The report from the security analysis was very positive. Kudelski checked the software for any identifiable bugs or vulnerabilities, and none were found. Even the safety of the general code was found to be just okay. No critical shortcoming was found in any of the platform’s components.

BCH Community and Cashshuffle

Cashshuffle developers have relied on various assistance from the Bitcoin Cash community. They have continued receiving donations to maintain, fund, and improve the protocol in the future. In the last 24 hours, the BCH community has helped Cashshuffle raise $14,000 in terms of donations. 15 BCH was donated by the Bitcoin Unlimited development team just yesterday. Further, Jonald Fyookball, the lead developer of Electron Cash, announced introducing the EC version 4.0.0 with Cashshuffle.