Ready to Adopt? The Cockapoo-Shih Tzu mix.

There’s no denying the Cockapoo Shih Tzu’s immense appeal. The Cockapoo Shih Tzu hybrid has been on the rise in recent years, and we’ll explore that in this piece.

Cockapoo Shih Tzu mix

The Cockapoo Shih Tzu is not a purebred dog. It is a mix of the Shih-Tzu and the Cockerpoo. A Cockapoo is a dog from breeding a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. There are two types of the Cocker Spaniel the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel.


Cockapoo-Shih Tzu mixes originate from three ancient parents; these include Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu, and Poodle. Below you will find the history and origin of the three parent breeds:


A cockapoo is a hybrid dog created by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. Designer dog breeders in the United States produce healthy companion dogs initially bred the Cockapoo. The Cockapoo was allegedly originally bred in the 1960s, although records are unclear. Those in favor of the Cockapoo assert that it does not inherit many of the common health defects in the two parent breeds due to the hybrid vigor that exists in the Cockapoo.

Cocker Spaniel

The joyful Cocker Spaniel has rightfully earned its place in the ranks of the most popular dog breeds with its ever-wagging tails, gorgeous looks, deep eyes, and friendly demeanor. Along the way, a distinction in appearance had begun to emerge between the original, longer-headed dogs brought over from England and the strains of Cocker Spaniels being bred in the United States, which featured shorter muzzles and were slightly smaller overall in size.

In the end, the two types were separated into their distinct breeds in 1947, with the American variety being referred to simply as “Cocker Spaniel” in the United States and the other type being categorized as English Cocker Spaniels.

The American cocker spaniel.

The American Cocker Spaniel has the distinction of being the smallest dog in the Sporting Group. It possesses a solid, compact physique as well as a head that is neatly chiseled and elegant, and as a whole, the dog is well-proportioned and of the correct size. It has a topline that slopes gently toward powerful, moderately bent, muscular quarters and stands high at the shoulder on straight forelegs. It is muscular all over. It is a dog that is capable of a tremendous amount of speed in addition to having a great deal of endurance. Above all, it is carefree and joyful, healthy, and well-balanced in all aspects, and in its behavior, it exhibits a strong desire to work.

The English Cocker Spaniel.

The English cocker spaniel was originally known as the “cocking spaniel,” a moniker taken from the term “flushing woodcock.” As is the case with several breeds of gundogs, there is a distinction that you can make between those that are used for work and those used for show. The working Cocker is a more compact and lighter version of his show counterpart.

The length from the withers to the ground and the length from the withers to the root of the tail are relatively comparable. It has a cheery disposition and a tail that is constantly wagging, and it moves in a usual bustling manner, especially when it is tracking a scent and is unafraid of dense cover. Kind and affectionate yet also bubbling over with vitality and excitement.


Poodles are one of the breeds of dogs that are immediately recognizable by almost everyone. The Poodle is primarily known for their chic appearance; however, in addition to its good looks, they also have many other talents besides just looking pretty. They are active, eager, and intelligent.

There are three sizes of poodles: toy, standard, and miniature. Toys should stand at most 10 inches, whereas standards should be at least 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Miniatures should be 15 inches or less. The structure and proportions of all three kinds are the same. Poodles are typically seen in their elegant Continental clip when competing in dog shows. Most dog and cat owners opt for the more straightforward Sporting clip, in which the coat is trimmed to follow the contours of the animal’s squarely shaped and nicely muscled body.

Shih Tzu

The Shi Tzu, which can weigh anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds and height anywhere from 8 to 11 inches tall, has a surprising amount of muscle for a dog of their size. The time you invest in making the coat available in various colors will be well worth it. This vivacious enchanter makes being adorable a way of life for itself. It is well known that Shih Tzu loves young children. They are a little breed of dog that originally intended to spend most of the day inside royal palaces, so they are an excellent choice for a pet if you live in an apartment or a home with no large backyard.

What do they look like?

When paired with the wavy coat and coloring of a Cockapoo and a Shih Tzu’s bigger eyes, it appears as a cute tiny dog. They are little dogs that resemble teddy bears and continue to appear like puppies throughout their lives.

Coat Fur

They usually inherit a soft, waved coat that sheds relatively little, but in some cases, they may still shed if they receive a straighter and longer Shih Tzu coat. In general, they have a coat that is relatively low in shedding.

Array of Colors

When attempting to determine the coloring of hybrid offspring, the coloring of the parent breeds should always serve as the beginning point. On the other hand, if you do not conduct genetic color testing, you will never know what color genes each dog contains in addition to the ones they exhibit.

There are numerous color incarnations of the Shih Tzu, including black, white, brown, fawn, cream, silver, red, and white. However, the colors most frequently seen in them are white or brown. The Cockapoo, on the other hand, can be a variety of colors, including black, cream, white, apricot, red, and chocolate.

Although the Cockapoo Shih Tzu mix can have any of the colors listed above or a combination of those colors, they are usually solid or bi-colored.


Examining the size of both parent breeds is the most accurate way to predict the offspring’s size. The little Shih Tzu typically stands between 8 and 11 inches in height at the most.

They are then typically crossed with a miniature or toy cockapoo for breeding. The height of these Cockapoos will range anywhere between ten and fourteen inches.

In most cases, the offspring will be within the range of the two parent breeds and reach a mature height between 9 and 13 inches.


Mature males reach a height of 13 inches at the withers, while adult females reach a height of 9 inches at the withers. There is a half inch of leeway in height, either above or below this ideal.


When they reach full maturity, their weight ranges between 10 and 15 pounds. That places the Cockapoo-Shih Tzu mix well within the breeds classified as small dogs.


The Cockapoo Shih Tzu mix is the perfect example of a dog that can accompany its owner everywhere. The cross consists of three breeds, each known for its warmth and focus on humans. It is commonly believed that adding a Shih Tzu to a Cockapoo breeding program can help moderate some of the Cockapoo’s high energy levels, resulting in a little crossbreed that is nonetheless lovable, mischievous, and playful.


The Cockapoo Shih Tzu mix can have dental problems like many small dogs, but you can take care of this with regular brushing and vet visits. They can also have trouble with the luxating patella, in which the kneecaps move too much and make it hard to move. Small dogs are more likely to get hurt by accidents, like being roughed up by kids or accidentally stepped on by their owners.


The Cockapoo Shih Tzu mix reaps the benefits of hybrid vigor, which occurs when different breeds are combined to produce new offspring. This process has the potential to eliminate undesirable genetic traits found in both of the parent breeds. The tiny Cockapoo Shih Tzu, which has a life expectancy of up to 16 years, will benefit from this development.

Wrap up

The ideal companion dog is a Cockapoo Shih Tzu cross. Its coloring and wavy coat, along with the larger eyes of the Shih Tzu, can result in an adorable-looking little dog.

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