The angry boy.

Sleeping soundly,

The alarm went off,

Peter woke up angrily,

He did not like Mondays,

School was calling,

He dressed up slowly,

He got hungry,

And went for breakfast.

He reached for his favorite cereal box,

And found it empty,

His sister had eaten all his cereal,

His anger rose.

Peter yelled,

His sister cried,

He decided to drink grape juice,

He poured it into his glass carelessly.

He accidentally spilled the grape juice on his sweater,

Which did not make his mood any better,

The school bus came,

He had to go to school with a stained sweater.

He ran for the bus,

He sat quietly.

He remembered he had a spelling quiz,

He took out his book.

He read his book,

All the words he could,

He got to school,

Ready for the spelling quiz.

He passed his quiz,

And was given a prize,

This made him happy,

He became lively.

He remembered yelling at his sister,

His sweet little sister.

He felt pity,

For he loved his sister so dearly.

His little sister, like a shadow,

Loved everything he did.

Going in and out with him,

Always calling him.

In the evening,

He apologized to his sister,

And they played together,

Peter learned a sad beginning could have a happy ending.