Passport Soon to Expire

It wasn’t the news that shook me that day. Being diagnosed with Stage-IV cancer isn’t life-ending: it’s a passport to a new life without the pain. What was worrisome was leaving my family. It’s not every day that a 40-year old has their soul on a list entitled “soon to expire.”

With the doctor’s words of “get your things in order” firmly entrenched in my mind, I set on a path to leave a legacy that I hoped would inspire and symbolize the life I lived—my contributions to my surroundings. Something I felt was special or an everlasting footprint to each person that chose to remember me for who I was; when I was a person, not a patient.

I immediately began the search through old cardboard boxes. The containers filled the air with dust, and the faded ink marked what each held. It had been a long-time since I went through these, but I was sure that I would find meaning through the cloud of particles.

Knowing where to start is something I have always stood by. There have been many times that I put off challenges because I didn’t plan a moment to begin. However, here I was with all my scattered memories, and all I could think of is writing in a journal, putting it all down. This way, I could touch everyone.

I took my writing pen from the desk, thinking of all the times I spent in my days and letting the memories wash over me.

The one thing I have always tried to do is live my life with a passion and the pleasure of being alive. Even though my achievements have been met with gratitude, I want others to remember how I achieved my goals.

I love my wife and children. It was not always perfect, even when I was wrong, I always gave from my heart. The heart is amazing. It can forever grow and will ever encompass those we need to bring together. This is my love legacy.

Through my successes, there have been plenty of failures; however, my failures have been tools of learning. This life education is what I propose to you, hoping that you learn from what I did wrong. In the hopes, you don’t do the same. In that, it will be my teaching legacy.

Time is a fascinating concept. When we have it, we disregard it. When we need it, there is never enough. Being organized and focused helps, but I have never been that. Having hope is also essential, which has been my saving grace. May my shortage of time on earth allow others to focus on what is necessary and be hopeful in their time-my time legacy.

My day is done. I can leave knowing I’ve left the best parts of myself.