Healing Spaces Found with Hypnosis

Getting lost in the darkness of the medical model has a foundation in action, reaction, and pharmaceuticals. It takes energy and work to look for integrative alternatives. Yes, it is easier to swallow a pill, yet do you really what that solution for a lifetime?

Anti-depressants and sedatives are not free. They come with side effects, body changes, and the potential for physical or psychological addiction. Many tools exist to ease conditions. Open your heart and thoughts to hypnosis

Conscious and sub-conscious minds

Our minds allow for change when our brains relax. Neuroplasticity, altered,  and open state of consciousness are firmly entrenched in treatment and healing. With relaxation techniques, the mind floats between conscious and sub-conscious state allowing a reservoir for new patterns.

By muting our conscious minds, healing spaces for the physical and psychic pain bodies open. The conscious mind is the traffic control officer, directing the circulation, from rush-hour traffic to slow moving scooters. This commuter traffic deals with decisions and judgments, comparisons, habitual patterns, responds easily to sensory stimuli and triggers rapid fight, flight, fear, fawn, and freeze impulses.

The sub-conscious mind is the Zen master. Non-judgmental in nature it accepts all things as possible, while possessing infinite memory storage, and the capacity create healing. Activated by the slowing down of the conscious mind or repetitive stimuli, the sub-conscious bubbles with pre-stored data from early childhood and beyond.


Scientific research demonstrates the body is directly connected to the mind. Auto-suggestion and mindset reframing are part of this hypnotic tool kit. Many individuals with phobias, depression, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, panic, anxiety disorders, addiction, nausea, vertigo, anger and aggression management, and other conditions respond positively to hypnotherapy.

Discovered as a side benefit is blood pressure reduction, improved cognitive, physical, and mental skills, and enhanced energy.

What’s next?

Seek out a certified professional hypnotherapist to guide you through the process. Be ready and open to discuss your therapeutic goals and blockages to receive the optimum outcomes. Working with a hypnotherapist you can expect a quiet environment to maintain a calming state of mind in the promotion of self-healing and self-care without medications.

Please forget the sideshow celebrity hypnotists on videos, casino and cruise shows, and television. They are for entertainment value. A certified professional hypnotherapist will never make you bark or sing.

The opposite is true. Reach out to a hypnotherapist for an intense journey into awakening and healing.