Dream Job: Social Media Genies

Dream Job

Everyone wishes to land a dream job. Do they exist? Many opportunities, especially in the executive category, are hidden and secured by referrals or search firms. Therefore, it is wise to keep your profile active and updated in your industry and define what you are looking for in a role.

Keep your profile active

There are any many platforms in the marketplace, and an excellent one is LinkedIn. This professional social media venue is the pulse of many recruiters and search agencies. To stay in touch and relevant, you will need to be active, post content consistently, and tagging keywords relevant to your dream job.

  • Create and publish articles related to your dream job.
  • Post details on your skill set, abilities, and strengths.
  • Make connections and establish relationships with as many as people in your community.

Register on Job Search sites

Plenty of job sites, like Naukri, Monster, and Indeed, are here to help you. Registered, create your profile, upload your resume, and set alerts in search for your dream job. Search firms advertise here as well. Submit applications for all the ones that appear a good fit.

Attractive Professional resume

Often a professional resume attracts more recruiters and clearly defines your skillsets. If you are not comfortable creating a resume from the numerous online template, reach out to professional resume services. These companies have writers that specialize in up-to-date resumes. In addition, websites like Monster or Naukri deliver guidance in building an attractive resume. There are also experiences freelancers available.

Contact Details

On all job search platforms, be sure to supply your correct contact details, especially phone number, zip code, and email address. These are essential in triggering job suggestions and relevant opportunities emailed to your inbox.

Search Firms

Another option is to set up a one-to-one relationship with a personal recruiter. They know the landscape and are instrumental in the employment industry. Yes, be stubborn and smart about getting your dream job. Also, be aware that some search firms may try to bait with upfront costs.


Referrals are another who-you-know source that can bring you a dream job. So, build your community network and have regular communication with your connections letting them know you are on the market.

Above all be confident about who you are, your knowledge, abilities, and experience. The executive recruitment industry is on social and digital media channels. Therefore, keep yourself active in a professional manner that brings your profile high visibility targeting recruiters and search firms.