Scales of Gender Inequality

Steps to rectify inequality in your organization’s C-Suite

Gender Inequality always triggers a negative biased overview of the organization. Governments and major organizations have imposed strict rules to overcome this.

However, due to salary, budget, and other expenses, we still have this inequality in many organizations. A few initiative-taking steps can begin to rectify gender inequality.

Open roles

An organization needs to identify the role and request recruiters to hire the most talented candidate.

Another solution is recruiting an equal number of genders in the leadership positions. Methods, such as 30~40% recognition to the female community, increases the chances of making equal or unbiased recruitment.


Look for Unidentified Hidden Inequality

Some companies have not reviewed their processes nor identified their gender bias. Acknowledgement is the first step to corrections. Probe your organizations levels of unbiased perceptions.

Equal Activities

Collaboratively involve female executives and juniors in all activities, such as career ladder promotions, position responsibilities, workflow improvements, brainstorming, work groups, and performance evaluations.

Show them the Money

Salary inequality is another unfairly biased scenario, where executives and juniors at the same competency and job tier are paid at a different rates. A male or female must be treated with the same respect and salary-benefit structure.


Identify Candidates

Recruiting the right female with the right skillset is another solution. Sometimes, when an organization or search firm receives a resource requirement, they immediately start looking for male executives. In doing so, they miss successful and extraordinary performing females in the industry. Continual initiative-taking planning and management will rectify inequality.


Consider identifying female employees inside the company and train her to suit the role. This makes other employees motivated and fill the inequality gaps.

Inequality in any organization is due to too many assumptions, ignorance, culture, or underestimating talents. Adopting an inclusive, open culture can rectify many situations.