12 Ways to Make Better Content to get your website found

The most important thing for content creators, whether they are aiming to market a product or service, or they are just sharing information , is to ensure that the content they create reaches as many people as possible and creates traction. There are several ways to make your content become popular with many people. You can create a lot of content and spread them out in the internet, you can also incorporate distribution platforms and tools to help your content reach more people, but the most important way to ensure that your content becomes noticed, appreciated, and enjoyed is by creating good quality content. So let us discuss the various ways in which you can improve the content you share online and attract more people

Focusing on your target audience

Seth Godin once said that, “Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.” Seth Godin understands that the only reason for you to engage in content creation is to reach your audience and get their attention. In order to do so, you need to create content that is so good and juicy that your audience will stop what they are doing to read it and afterwards share it with friends and strangers across the internet. According to a Forrester survey, most of content creators and marketers ignore the importance of considering their audiences reactions towards the content they produce which in turn reduces the attention their content attracts.

Fact Check

Have you ever come across someone who has just found out that the information they were fed was fake and overly exaggerated? Did you notice the disappointment that immediately came on their face? People often lie but no one likes to be lied to. If you trusted someone and then found out that that person had told you one lie, the trust you had in them is broken. It is the same kind of relationship between content creators and their audience. Content creators can sometimes make mistakes while in the rush to discuss new topics and capitalize on trending events because in the rush they ignore the importance of conducting a fact check. Establishing a high content standard ensures that your audience does not abandon you and that they also help you market your content.

Back up your points with research

When it comes to creation of content especially for blogs and articles, it is not enough to simply give out your opinion on a particular topic because people may not even believe you or take you seriously. However, ensuring that the information you are giving to your audience is backed up with research data is an effective way to establish and build credibility which is a good way of maintain your audience’s attention. However, you cannot just cite any source such as Wikipedia that can be edited by anyone with internet access, it is important to cite credible sources that have proof of actual research or are written by professionals of that particular field.

Use Quotes or Insights From Experts

Another way to increase the credibility of your content is by quoting insights from experts in the industry you are writing about. Providing social proof to your audience is as important as backing up your story with research data. Apart from verifying your credibility to your audience, quotes from the experts associate your business with professional authority and allows you to cover topics you are not familiar with.

Use Visuals and Examples to Illustrate Your Point

For some digital content, most of the information is conveyed through text. But there is so much that a text can tell you. In fact, the only thing a text can tell you is what it already contains and sometimes it is not enough to create the desired effect on the audience or convince them to do what you are saying in the text. Therefore, it is important to incorporate visuals in your content because a graphic illustration is able to convey a message much more effectively than words. Fred R. Barnard said that, “one picture is worth a thousand words.”

Avoid slang language

Using slang deteriorates your content by making it harder to understand especially when you have a wide variety of audience’s. There might be some members of your audience who might understand the slang language or even enjoy it because they have a deeper understanding of the subject matter but those who fail to understand the slang language will certainly feel excluded.

Use an editor

Perfection sometimes takes time but it is always worth it. Therefore it is always ill-advised to publish your content without a thorough editing and proofreading exercise because there can be mistakes in your content and an overall lack of flow in your structure. While proofreading ensures that your content is free of grammatical errors such as missing comas, editing works on the storyline and order of points to ensure a complete content structure.

Tweak your headlines

A headline is a very important part of your content and determines whether an audience that values content will find their way to your publication. The headline greatly influences the traction on your site because it helps the audience to notice and open your content over other options. Therefore, headlines should be catchy and should strike interest. You can have great and valuable content but a boring headline will ensure that no one will read it.

Be attentive to your SEO

Using search engine optimization to ensure that you include the right keywords that emphasize on relevance and popularity goes a long way to ensuring that your content receives a lot of traction. A part from the right keywords, originality, content quality, presentation, formatting, Author’s credibility, and in-depth analysis are other factors that influence on-page SEO.

Internal Linking

Improving the search rankings of a particular post can be further enhanced through an internal linking strategy to help search engines recognize the site’s most important pages and provide context. Even Google uses highly optimized internal links in the Google webmaster blog.

Use data to evaluate the success of your published content

Smart content marketers became successful by always evaluating the performance of their content through content marketing metrics and performance tools such as Google Analytics. Analyzing how well or how poorly your efforts performed allows you to see the mistakes you made and helps you to improve on the quality of your content.

Only publish your best material

Publishing tons of materials on a daily basis may not be the best way to increase traffic on your website. There are a lot of experts producing contents and ensuring that the competition is always rising. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are consistent with the production of high-quality work to ensure that your audience is never disappointed. Accepting that it takes time, effort, and money to produce exceptional work is the key to ensuring consistency in quality.