5 Must-have Characteristics of Highly Converting Landing Page

Creating a good landing page is not rocket science but takes some work. Your business needs a landing page that gives consumers what they seek. Thus, it’s crucial to go beyond simply designing a ‘good’ landing page and create one that could lead to higher conversions. Here are five must-have elements of such a landing page.

1. Benefit-focused headline

According to HubSpot, seven out of every ten people that visit a landing page bounce off the page. To keep this number low, you need to make a better first impression. The headline is the first thing your website readers will see. So, make it clear, concise, and communicate the value of your offer.

2. Images that illustrate your offer

Choose images that convey the benefits and how the users will feel once they get your offer. Some images perform better than others. So, it’s best to split test your image options to find what works best for your brand.

3. Concise, non-generic copy

Please don’t spend your resources crafting the right headline and choosing the ideal image to fall flat when it comes to weaving the words that will sell your offer. Your copy must be clear, concise, and guide your website users to the specific action you want them to complete.

4. Trust indicators

Consumers need to trust your brand before they can complete your desired action. That’s the reason incorporating statistical evidence, customer testimonials, third-party seals, trust badges, and other trust indicators is crucial to your landing page framework.

5. Clear, standout CTA

This is one of the crucial elements of a landing page that encourage higher levels of conversion. Your call-to-action button should use a color that perfectly contrasts other elements on the landing page. Use words like ‘download,’ ‘call,’ ‘submit,’ or other words that clearly tell your audience what you want them to do.

Landing pages account for the majority of your new leads and conversions. So, you must pay attention to its overall layout, design, feel, and how each element complements the other. Follow the best practices covered above, and you will transform your landing page into a lead generating machine.