Four critical stages in Life Transition Planning

This refers to an outline laid out by a professional to help plan for the future, depending on various circumstances that may or may not occur in an individual’s life. Numerous factors may affect a person, but there are some critical areas that it is vital to plan on

Marriage and family 

It is essential to consult a professional who can guide you on what marriage and having children entails in your portfolio. Planning objectively on issues such as whether a prenuptial is essential or not, the best way to take care of the family or children, and whether to save for college are critical aspects that come into play at this stage. It is also essential to declare dependents on a will and what insurance cover it may be advisable to take.


It is good to acknowledge that divorce is a factor that needs to be considered when planning. It is good to discuss what divorce means to your portfolio with a consultant. This ensures that a fair settlement is agreed upon and not solely guided by emotion.


This entails thinking through the small details of leading as close to normal a life as possible. Though money may have been put aside, think through with a professional how your retirement funds should be structured to get the most value from the money saved.


Thinking of how you want your estate handled is essential. The estate can be divided amongst children, grandchildren, and a not-for-profit organization. It is easy to maneuver with a well-thought-out plan when the time comes.

Do make a point to think through and work with a life transition professional who may help you through all matters. This ensures you lead an informed life and are well covered in all aspects.