Dunedin spinal injection treatments.

Do you know that the spinal cord is the primary source of lower back pain? We have all, at one point, felt some pain in our back. Maybe after a wrong sitting posture, lifting heavy equipment, or even an unknown trigger. Can you imagine that sharp pain you have experienced once or twice becoming constant in your back? Research confirms that 80% of adults have experienced back pain at some point in their life, and 50% have experienced it more than once, making it one of the most common illnesses. Are you searching for a long-term solution for your back pain? Read on to learn more.

A professional will combine different treatments, such as spinal injections in Dunedin, to help you feel better. It is helpful to seek treatment as not knowing the severity of the cause of pain might cause issues later in life. Back pain puts a person at risk of permanent disability, nerve-ending damage, and spine narrowing when left untreated. There are excellent chances of reducing the side effects by seeking medical care from an experienced specialist. Professionals who will take the time to understand your back pain and recommend the most effective Dunedin spinal injection treatment plan for the best outcomes.

What is the cause and symptoms of back pain?

Back pain occurs when the spinal cord is inflamed or irritated. This may be triggered by a fall, carrying heavy equipment, or bad posture. Some common back pain symptoms include muscle aching, burning, and stabbing, which may radiate to the leg. The pain ranges from mild to severe. Sometimes, when the pain is severe, the person can’t walk, work, or even continue day-to-day activities. Dunedin spinal injections effectively ensure the person can continue their day-to-day activities and manage back pain.

What are the benefits of Dunedin spinal injection treatments?

Treatments such as spinal injections in Dunedin help relieve pain at the source. Unlike oral painkillers, the injection is done right at the source of pain and helps the patient feel better faster. Oral medicine also has side effects and worse side effects. With spinal injections in Dunedin, it should last between a week to a year. Depending on the injection, you might get long-lasting and permanent. This helps in ensuring that you ease into your exercise and stretching programs.

 Another benefit of Dunedin spinal injection treatments is they help flash out inflammatory chemicals and proteins in the body that cause back pains.

Possible side effects.

For any treatment procedure, there are possible side effects that you should expect. Spinal injections in Dunedin may have side effects such as mild pain in the area of injection. The doctor will ensure to give you medication that will ease the pain. Other possible side effects include spinal infections and nerve damage. These, however, are rare occurrences when you get a doctor who is experienced in the field.


You might be wondering what injection is best for your back pain. Different injections range from an epidural, facet joint, and sacroiliac, and it might be challenging to know the lasting solution to your chronic back pain. Please do not take chances when it comes to your health. Talk to a qualified doctor who will take the time to understand your medical needs and recommend the most suited. They will ensure to walk the journey with you till you are back on your feet. Talk to a professional today and schedule a consultation by calling our office.