WordPress Block Editing: Why WordPress

WordPress is one of the open-source platforms which is used for creating websites. It is my go-to site. Using WordPress, you can easily block content editing without having high technical knowledge and create a website with the least effort.

It is a user-friendly platform. You can complete designing a website quickly by using block editing applications like Gutenberg block editor. There was a time for Blog Tools, Publishing Platforms, and CMS – WordPress was an out-of-the-box website option, which was amazing. And maybe it still is. I don’t think so. 

There are better options today for those simply looking to post pictures, write a blog, or provide a local business where a map, phone, and contact form are all needed. Think WordPress.com: Create a Free Website block content or Blog using Gutenberg. WordPress block editing is good for us as a tool where a custom experience is built on the front end, and WP is then used as a “behind the scenes” content management system. WordPress works great with jam stack configs or static site generators.

It’s good in that respect—overkill for a basic website that does nothing but stands there. WordPress has become a far more sophisticated framework than what it once was a blog solution. It’s not that anymore. It’s way more. There are faster generators (Gatsby.js) that allow rapid deployment of a basic site or service use. I recently discovered SitePad and was blown away by how easy it is to use (Clients with zero tech knowledge were able to set up a website in just under an hour.

There are some free plugins and themes that you can use. It offers effective security measures. Block editing of content has recently overtaken other content management models as the platform of choice for websites that don’t blog. Here are the top 10 reasons for block editing.

Using Gutenberg in WordPress is so well-liked, and why you might want to consider converting your business’s website to a WordPress platform.

1. Usability

WordPress block editing has a user-friendly interface and is incredibly simple to use. Regularly adding new pages, blog articles, graphics, etc., is simple and quick. The technique is so straightforward that formatting takes much less effort.

2. Control your website from any computer

WordPress Gutenberg runs in a browser. They manage your site by logging in from any computer with an Internet connection.

3. No FTP or HTML editing software is necessary

Since WordPress block editing is an independent system, HTML editing software is unnecessary. Without additional HTML or an FTP software, you can create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, and more.

4. WordPress block editing is favored by Search Engines

WordPress’s code is relatively clear and straightforward, which makes it easier for search engines to understand and index a website’s content. Additionally, each page, post, and image can have meta tags, titles, descriptions, and keywords, allowing for incredibly accurate search engine optimization. Tags can be used to improve your search engine optimization efforts even more.

5. You are in charge of your website

Stop waiting for your web designer to update your website with minor changes. With WordPress, you can quickly make straightforward modifications and completely control almost every aspect of your website.

6. The website’s design is completely customizable.

A website’s content is powered by rapid block editing. The site’s design and feel may be completely personalized, allowing your brand to stand out and giving visitors a special experience.

7. A blog is pre-installed and available.

WordPress was designed specifically as a blogging platform. Thus, blogging features are already included and simple to add if needed. It’s also quite easy to set up RSS / email subscriptions and commenting features and automatically add the most current blog entries to other site pages (like your home page). These assist in increasing your business’s audience and making your website more dynamic and interactive.

8. Use Plugins to Increase the Functionality of Your Site

Want to enhance your website with an event calendar, a video gallery, a Twitter feed, a Facebook fan box, and more? Plugins for WordPress, the majority of which are free or very inexpensive, allow for this.

9. Your site can expand as your company does

WordPress websites can be easily scaled. Your website’s performance won’t be hampered by hundreds of thousands of pages or blog articles.

10. Use a variety of users

You can create several users for a WordPress website and give each user different access levels and capabilities as the website’s administrator.

Posting new block content blogs or pages is simple, and many plugins are available for almost any task. There is a reason why WordPress websites make up 30%+ of the web. It’s also completely free, and your only cost is your hosting, which can be very cheap depending on your provider of choice.

Other alternatives, such as Squarespace, can be limited, and it’s often easy to identify a Squarespace website from a mile off. WordPress allows you to create a bespoke, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable website with no hassle or stress, and without viewing the page source, half of the time, you wouldn’t even know it’s a WordPress website.

Block editing integration is also a great advantage, with most online service providers (Shopify, MailChimp, etc.) offering simple and seamless integration options. A WordPress website does not take anything away from your brand, and to think anyone would overlook it because it isn’t “taken seriously” is absurd. 


Gutenberg is a WordPress content block editing suitable for blogging and lets the user create a website or Blog. You can add pages, links, photos, formatting, videos, music–anything you want to share with the world!

All these things live on your site in one place called a “blog,” which is like an album of everything you’re doing and thinking about. You can edit your Blog under a special link at the top of this page called “Manage.” This is where you let you write posts about yourself or any topic you want to share with everyone else. It’s easy to get started; just hit the big green button on the right side.

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