5 Winning ways to reduce your ad cost and increase your return on ad spend

If you are an advertiser or a business (big or small) and want to minimize the cost of your ads in a way that does not affect the result, but are still trying to determine what strategies to use, then it is no coincidence that you are here.

On average, advertisers in the US alone spend a whopping 225 billion dollars on ads annually, and more than 26 percent of this usually goes to waste on the wrong strategies and channels. As much as this is the case for most businesses, you do not have to be one of them.

In this article, you will learn practical strategies that will help you increase the revenue return on ad spend (ROAS) and simultaneously cut down on advertising costs.

Below are 5 techniques to lower your ad spending without losing the result.

1. Use efficient automation tools:

It is essential to know that in the marketing world, you can’t go it alone; using automation tools will keep your marketing strategy running while spending less time and effort on various tasks.

An automation tool allows you to focus significantly on other vital strategies.

For example, instead of manually sending tons of follow-up emails to your prospects or guiding every lead through their customer journey one after another, an automated email marketing or lead generation tool can help you do the trick even better, following the templates or predefined rules that you set.

2. Thoroughly audit your ads:

Before setting any ad to run, conduct a thorough audit, take a snapshot of your marketing budget and try to account for every cost, i.e., know what is being spent on what and why it is being spent, this will help you remove unnecessary strategies that you might have seen as a norm among other advertisers.

3. Get your targeting right:

All your marketing strategies and money will go down the drain if your targeting needs to be done correctly. Effective targeting sets the foundation for a cost-effective ad.

Creating a customer avatar is necessary before starting your advertising campaign; it enables you to identify your target audience and narrow them down.

4. Direct your leads to the Landing Page:

A home Landing Page is a standalone web page where Leads can land when they click on your ad. A landing page effectively generates conversions and lowers the cost per acquisition. It is built to convince or persuade prospects to take immediate action and become patronizing customers.

5. Focus on long-term strategies:

When it comes to cost efficiency and high ROI, a long-term strategy like SEO is the best, although it may take a while; but unlike pay-per-click ads where you have to pay for every click on your ad, with SEO, you can get thousands or even millions of clicks at zero cost.

Wrap Up

“Spending less” and “earning more” might sound quite simple. In theory, to spend less, you need to cut back on the amount of money you spend on ads, right? Perhaps that will work for “spending less” but not for “earning more,” as this will drastically reduce your result.

However, we can manage your ads using the above techniques and more to help you “spend less” and “earn more.” Click here to get started.