How to build the cheapest reliable data pipeline with a shoestring budget

What are your options when you are on a budget but still need to deliver an effective data pipeline for your small business or non-profit?

Data has become the heart of everything we do in our current society, from how we live our personal lives to how we operate our companies and even create organizations.

It is safe to conclude that data is a fuel that drives all the economic and social ecosystems that can directly impact our economy and everything else.

So, setting up a data pipeline for your business is brilliant but may cost you an arm and a leg.

However, you do not necessarily need to spend an elephant-sized cost on data to make it effective and have all the special features you need; you can build a cost-efficient data pipeline using stitch, AWS, and Google.

4 Steps to build data pipelines for a fraction of the cost

1. Stitch: With $100/month, the stitch will help you load original data from its source into a reliable database.

2. AWS Redshift: At approximately $615/month, this database will collect the ready data from stitch.

3. AWS Lambda: With $5/month, Lambda will run a script to help you update your report every hour.

4. Google Sheets: This delivers a free report on the data.

The setup will cost around $720/month or $8,500/year. This data pipeline setup is considered the cheapest one you can ever get for your business, and more importantly, it is also convenient and customizable.

Wrap up

Stitch pumps the data from your current sources into a redshift database which stores the data. Redshift then allows the automation of SQL queries to generate raw analysis from this data. AWS Lambda takes this analysis and forwards it to Google sheets, where they become visualizable by us on sheets. It’s that simple!

In a recent McKinsey Global Institute Study research, businesses that operate on data systems are 23 times more likely to get new customers, nine times more likely to keep them, and nineteen times more likely to make more money.

However, the cost of setting efficient data pipelines has dramatically increased over time. As such, organizations, especially start-ups, are worriedly looking for the cheapest, most reliable ways to set it up to retain its shine and stay competitive.

But do not fret; we can make all that worry disappear, click here, and let us help you set up a reliable data system that will drive your customer inflow 23 times more than your competitors.