Ways to keep your bags safe while traveling.

There has never been a time when protecting your luggage was as vital as it is today. Many modern travelers take expensive electronic equipment with them when they embark on an adventure because we live in an increasingly digital age. Finding a suitable replacement for all of these valuables and devices won’t be easy. If you lose them, you will ruin your trip. While traveling, you can do a few things to ensure the safety of your belongings and luggage.

Utilize appropriate locks for your bags.

Given the current airport baggage screening procedures, it is challenging to determine which lock you should buy. The TSA-approved lock is only partially secure if you use it. You risk having the lock cut off during a checked baggage screening if you opt for a high-security lock. According to some travelers, even TSA-approved locks have reportedly been severed during searches.

If you don’t want to use a lock, it’s a good idea to have a fastener on your bag that alerts you to tampering (like zip ties or tape tags). You’ll know the need to check your bag for lost items.

Keep your luggage in your line of sight.

It is almost impossible always to be close to your bag when traveling. You can best protect your bag when it is by your side if you keep an eye on it. Always maintain eye contact with your bag if you must briefly step away from it. Regardless of how unlikely, if someone tries to steal your bag, you can call for help or pursue the offender.

Exercise caution when using lockers and safes.

Many safes and lockers in hotel rooms and hostels are easy targets for thieves or fellow staff members. Most of the time, all the “personal” storage containers at these high-volume commercial facilities have override keys or codes. Anyone who learns the access protocols will find you to be an easy target as a result. Even hotel light safes can be opened using a technique called bouncing.


You can take numerous additional steps to safeguard your valuables and keep your luggage secure. The road to better overall luggage security doesn’t end here. Once you’ve selected the ideal lock and bag, keep your possessions within easy reach. Avoid putting your bag at risk by keeping it in an unsafe location. Always conceal your valuables inside your bag to prevent thieves from finding them. While there are many potential issues when traveling abroad, you can better protect what is essential with tighter luggage security.

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