5 Tips to Collaborate Effectively with your Ghostwriter

By Dr. Diana Rangaves, Ghostwriter, LinkedIn

Is a Google Scholar,  holds a Doctorate from the University of California. She has extensive experience and expertise in all levels of content creation, SEO keywords optimization, and website content, founding Clinical Consultant Services  and DianaRangaves.com.  

Give your spirit ghostwriter a call!

Ghostwriters are the people who write speeches, post texts, books, journals, songs, literary, and other work on behalf of another person, officially considered as an author. Ghostwriting is legal, and they charge a flat fee for their time, skills, knowledge, and guidance.

Ghostwriters never appear on the by-line or on stage, and nor are their names known. Your ghost researches and accumulates information for writing the content with the help of the official author.

Any project is made more successful by collaboration in creating appropriate strategies, techniques, and cooperation. What are some elements to achieve success?

Open Communication

Open communication between the two parties plays a crucial role. A two-way dialog opens more doors in generating new ideas, which leads to creative and informative writing. Both authors interact regarding what they think of each other’s work, the edits and updates required, and additional factors. Ghostwriters need you to be available so they can get your thoughts, voice, and tone.

Clients and ghostwriters need a positive outlook and deliver mutual quality feedback. Timely and honest feedback makes a difference in the results of the projects.

Knowing Your Goals

 As the client, setting goals to achieve any result is vital. To set goals, one must know the why of their project. Reach out and discuss your short and long-term plans with your ghostwriters. This improves a positive outcome and bears the fruits of your time and money invested in creating the piece of content. Once your book is published, the return on investment (ROI) will be displayed in your business, testimony, inspiration, thought leadership, and its goals to the world.

Invisible Partnership

To expect that the ghostwriter will understand what is on your mind by themselves is a path to disappointment. Expectations are a two-way path.  Share a friendly bond with them so that they can catch the essence of your thinking and work accordingly. Never wait for the writer to draft everything and then rectify it. Involve yourself in the process, trust and watch the outcome. If your project is a memoir or personal testimony, the ghostwriters should also meet the friends and family members of the client to get other story perspectives. 

Availability and Accessibility

Be available via any communication medium to the ghostwriter. It does not matter if it is a cell call, email, journaling, talk to text, Skype, or social media channels. Both the writer and the client can get more ideas and understand the exact nature of the project. Unique thoughts, good stories, and refined content are achieved by being open, accessible, and available. Remember, it is only for a few weeks to months, depending on the size and scope of the project.

To create your distinctive magnum opus, ghostwriters also need some freedom from your control to enter their creative space. Step back and trust the process with the person you selected.


Hiring a ghostwriter comes with a broad range of prices. Look for years of experience, portfolio accomplishments, recommendations, and if they are published authors of any books on Amazon. Be discerning. If it is too good to be true, it is.

If you are looking for the best outcome for your book or project, keep in mind a shared vision and process that matches the voice desired for effective collaboration. That is all needed.

Have fun and enjoy the process~