Power of Nutrition on Beauty

Nutrition affects human skin. The levels either enhance skins youthful glow or damages the complexion. Long-term eating habits can eventually neutralize or increase the appearance of aging skin. Therefore, the professional approach to neutralize aging early through a nutritional focus.

It is essential to keep the skin you are in looking fresh, supple, and beautiful longer. We all want to  look younger than our age, after all  age is a number, and beauty comes from within.

Balance Nutrition

Applied nutrition is a process of choices to bring out the best in you. Various  research has been conducted to establish what influences the levels of nutrients in the body. Water and food substances contain vitamins, proteins, and elements. There is also selenium, iron, zinc, and copper, which determine a proper diet and support the daily nutritional requirements. (Cao et al., 2020). In addition, skin is alive and part of human physical growth. Proper nutrition treats  skin condition and promotes healing. Poor nutrition triggers damage, such as blotchiness and collagen breakdown. Therefore,  adopting a nutrition focus neutralizes aging.


Water enhances tissue functions and maintains balance in the body. Water in the human body and cells plays the role in maintaining body volume, regulating body temperatures, nutrients, solvent, and transport carrier (Popkin et al., 2010). Therefore, insufficient water causes tissue dysfunctions and dehydration. It can lead to skin damages due to lack of moisture, breakage, and dryness. One must drink more than 2L of water per day to promote deep skin hydration.


The human body needs vitamins to enhance the functions of the skin. Lack of vitamins affects skin health. For example, deficiency in vitamin C leads to fragile skin and slows and weakens wound healing. Also, vitamins act as skin antioxidant defense ingredients. Therefore, select foods rich in vitamins for your body’s health and healing.


Proteins support skin tissue repair. They also  enhance skin physiological functions and the supply of energy in the skin.

Trace Elements  

The vital trace elements in the human body that promote beautiful skin include copper, zinc, iron, and selenium. The presence of copper in the human body enhances skin protection and aging. Zinc is involved in the production and separation of inner skin (epidermal layer) and keratinocytes, the outermost layer of skin. Iron supports antioxidant enzymes in skin cells. Finally, selenium develops and helps skin keratinocytes to function (Cao et al., 2020). Keratinocytes protect the skin from environmental harms such as ultraviolet rays.

Food comes in a wide variety and supplies sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, and trace element to enhance nutrition levels. Water is vital for our body, and an adult should drink more than 2L per day. Look for ways to build diverse, dense, high nutritionally packed foods into your daily eating habits.

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