3 fascinating ways skilled nursing facilities can benefit from technology

With the world growing and turning into an entirely technological era, modern healthcare facilities have encouraged the full implementation of technology, which has widely improved the quality of service and care in nursing facilities.

Nurses can now spend more time with patients and less time with menial tasks.

While some may believe introducing technology in nursing facilities would mean nurses and healthcare workers being replaced by AIS, robots, and vending machines, that is not the case. Instead, it has only equipped these professionals with the tools to provide the best service.

Technology has benefited many sectors in general, but we will see how much impact it can have on the nursing facility if implemented strategically.

Here are 3 ways skilled nursing facilities can benefit from technology.

1. Implementing Data analytics technology:

With the help of proper data analytics technology, skilled nursing facilities managers can get insights into the factors that may drive up the cost of care and take action to eradicate those factors, which will also help cut unnecessary hospital readmissions and lower care costs.

2. Introduction of wearable technology:

Wearable technology can significantly improve the services of skilled health facilities. They have  been designed to monitor and measure human activities, behaviors, and psychological and biochemical parameters in daily life.

Data being measured include heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, posture, and physical activities through electrocardiogram ECG, ballistocardiogram BCG, and several others.

Another wearable technology that can be introduced in nursing facilities, especially for elderly patients, is the wrist-worn accelerometer, which is used to detect epileptic seizures. This device provides essential data in producing an algorithm for an unexpected stroke situation by collecting tonic and clonic contractions.

3. Using effective communication technology:

It is well known that better communication can lead to better care.

Nursing facilities can use telecommunication technology like telehealth to easily communicate between nurses and patients; with telehealth, health professionals can quickly diagnose, consult, educate, advise, and treat patients instantly through video calls, chats, and applications.

Wrap up

In conclusion, technology is helping every industry improve in many areas and increase overall efficiency, and the healthcare industry is not to be left out.

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